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“Dr. K, I so value your input, your answers, and your suggestions. All have been immensely valuable to helping me make the best choices for myself and my family. It’s great that you have the traditional MD knowledge and ALSO, more importantly, the integrative holistic and natural knowledge base to be able to give us the very best answers to achieving health and vitality at any age!”

Theresa AuCoin
Charleston, SC
“Dr. Koniver…We rely heavily on your superior knowledge! Your updates have helped us reach our goals for good health. Thanks so much for making our lives better. Without your help we would not be where we are today!”
Connie and Vince Restivo
Mt. Pleasant, SC
“Dr. Koniver, When I came to you from an HMO in California I had lost count of how many medications I was taking daily, many of which were very powerful and interacting with each other in a negative way. You helped me to get off of most of those medications and start focusing on health and wellness – including vitamins, exercise, hormones, hydration, stress relief, and balance. You literally saved my life, I have no doubt. I cannot ever thank you enough and neither can my children.”
Patty O’Donnell
N. Charleston, SC

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