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Organic Medicine: What Is It?

Are you ready to feel better naturally?

We believe that POSITIVE natural healing leads to long term results. Why take prescription medicine that does not fully help you feel better? We welcome you to our Organic Medicine program that uses the building blocks of amino acids, bio-identical hormones, nutritional therapy, and herbal medication that will help you gain more energy and feel like you again. Come learn how to reinvigorate your body and soul.

What is Organic medicine?

Organic Medicine is our brand new medical specialty that we have developed as a multi-disciplinary approach to better health and wellness. At the core of this natural approach to better health and wellness. At the core of this natural approach is our fundamental belief that all spirit and health comes from Earth. When given the right circumstances, healing will naturally and spontaneously occur. Our holistic approach allows us to care for you in a positive, natural method.

Organic Medicine comprises several multi-disciplinary facets including:

Let natural healing begin.

Nutritional Therapy

We help patients feel better with more energy!

We accomplish this by Comprehensive Lab evaluation of nutritional status including: Amino Acids, Food Allergies, Cellular metabolism status and review of each patient’s personal diet, vitamin, and mineral intake.

Our main goal is to identify nutritional dysfunction and correct this before disease is allowed to develop.

Amino Acid Building Blocks

Amino acids are the precursors to many of the chemicals in our bodies-when we feel bad, it is our amino acids which are out of balance.

By testing your neurotransmitter and hormonal levels, we will be able to recommend the right balance of amino acid and hormonal supplements – 100% natural and from the Earth.

Environmental Equilibrium

Due to our constant influx of environmental toxins, our bodies are now polluted with severe levels of heavy metals. These metals lead to both acute and chronic disease and can only be removed through better preventitive efforts and Chelation therapy.
Oral and IV Chelation can help remove these toxic metals from your body.
By undergoing Chelation therapy, you will be lowering your body burden of chronic inflammation, leading to better wellness and health.

Herbal medication

Grown fresh from our Earth, these medicines are completely natural.
For almost every type of medical disease, there is an herbal preparation that can be taken.
For your convenience, we stock many of these herbals in our office.

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