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My Very Best Offer to Optimize Your Health and Performance

I’m not in the business of “selling”. Well, that’s not true, we all are to some extent. Everyday I “sell” what I believe to be the best path to wellness and health. And there certainly are many paths. But today, I really am “selling” you on something I value to be spectacular. My FastVitaminIVs. As I started to tell you yesterday, these IVs are a con... Read More »

3 Minutes A Week To Optimize Your Health

Not a day goes by that I don’t read a story regarding nutrition, diets, and supplements. One day fat is in, the next day it is out. One day vitamins are good, the next day they are bad. The ever-challenging and never-ending quest to find REAL health information is always daunting and difficult to discover. Like you, I want to optimize my health. And I want the same for all of you. But instea... Read More »

A One Day Challenge For You…Are You Up For This?

I recently had dinner with a good friend and he told me an interesting story. Over the holidays he was visiting with his family and one set of Aunt and Uncles came over. Like most family occasions, everyone was sitting around eating and talking. But not this one couple. They told my friend: “No sitting.” No sitting. They explained to my friend that they sit as little as possible and tr... Read More »

How The Coldest Night Showed Me Something Important…

How The Coldest Night Showed Me Something Important…

Yesterday afternoon, while taking a walk, I saw the most brilliant sunset sky: Seeing this sky reminded me that even on the absolute coldest night of the year, there is always something positive to see….if we are open to it. I bring this up to you today because I believe this is an important reminder for health. There will always be negativity in our lives, it is unavoidable. In health, this... Read More »

“Fear Is Contagious, Faith Is Not…”

Last night I watched a wonderful talk regarding the alternative treatment of cancer (more on this later). In regards to health and doing well with a cancer diagnosis, once of the doctors made the comment: Fear is contagious, faith is not.   After practicing alternative cancer care for 30 years, this doctor noted that the patients who did the very best are those that BELIEVE in what they are d... Read More »

10 Toxins That Are Causing ADHD

Happy New Year! I hope that 2015 is the very best year for you! ADHD and ADD are already widely diagnosed conditions in children, but they are now becoming increasingly significant barriors for adults as well. These conditions come about due to a variety of issues: nutrition, hormones, brain chemistry, genes….and now we have more specific data about the role that toxins play here. Like every... Read More »

Drink Your Own Urine To Treat Ebola? Read On….

Ebola is getting a lot of press these days now that the virus is here in the US. I have been receiving daily emails from SC DHEC and the CDC outlining both the state and national approach to preventing the spread of this deadly virus. But like every single health threat that exists or will exist, there is ALWAYS a natural option. I recently received the following information regarding a NATURAL wa... Read More »

What Do Vaccines, Migraines, Parkinson’s and Testosterone Have in Common?

Not much at all besides the fact that all were mentioned in three major health stories last week. First, Testosterone. As usual, the FDA is up to meddling in affairs they should not be. An advisory committee to the FDA has recommended that Testosterone replacement be further evaluated as the committee felt that too many men were getting Testosterone prescriptions from their doctors. You can read t... Read More »

Talking About Kombucha

I was recently interviewed on ABC News Channel 4 regarding the probiotic and enzyme dense drink Kombucha:   WCIV-TV | ABC News 4 – Charleston News, Sports, Weather Be Sociable, Share! Tweet Read More »

3 Quick Updates for You and Your Family

1. Weight loss, improved energy, better sleep…..some amazing results and it has only been a month As I have told you about previously, I have started my new Anti-Hormone Program with a small number of patients. I am starting to see the participants back after just one month and here are some of the comments: “I lost 7 pounds! I could not believe it. I feel really good right now” ... Read More »

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