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Drink Your Own Urine To Treat Ebola? Read On….

Ebola is getting a lot of press these days now that the virus is here in the US. I have been receiving daily emails from SC DHEC and the CDC outlining both the state and national approach to preventing the spread of this deadly virus. But like every single health threat that exists or will exist, there is ALWAYS a natural option. I recently received the following information regarding a NATURAL wa... Read More »

What Do Vaccines, Migraines, Parkinson’s and Testosterone Have in Common?

Not much at all besides the fact that all were mentioned in three major health stories last week. First, Testosterone. As usual, the FDA is up to meddling in affairs they should not be. An advisory committee to the FDA has recommended that Testosterone replacement be further evaluated as the committee felt that too many men were getting Testosterone prescriptions from their doctors. You can read t... Read More »

Talking About Kombucha

I was recently interviewed on ABC News Channel 4 regarding the probiotic and enzyme dense drink Kombucha:   WCIV-TV | ABC News 4 – Charleston News, Sports, Weather Be Sociable, Share! Tweet Read More »

3 Quick Updates for You and Your Family

1. Weight loss, improved energy, better sleep…..some amazing results and it has only been a month As I have told you about previously, I have started my new Anti-Hormone Program with a small number of patients. I am starting to see the participants back after just one month and here are some of the comments: “I lost 7 pounds! I could not believe it. I feel really good right now” ... Read More »

I Need Your Help….And It Will Only Take A Moment

I am in the middle of creating a reference guide for natural health and well-being and I would like your input. What one topic would you like to see included? Some examples are: Supplements Nutrition Exercise Hormones Are there specific conditions or treatment options you would like to see included in this guide? Please take a moment to leave a comment on my blog OR send me an email: Leave a comme... Read More »

It’s Sunday Morning, Do You Know What Your Hormones Are Up To?

It’s Sunday Morning, Do You Know What Your Hormones Are Up To?

For many of us, Sunday is a day of rest. A day where we don’t have to go into work. A day when we can take our time getting up in the morning and then take our time catching up from the week prior and getting ready for the week ahead. For some of us, Sunday is just another day at the office. Whether you get the day off today or not, one thing is for certain: Your Hormones Don’t Care Su... Read More »

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane….no it’s actually Bizarro Superman

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane….no it’s actually Bizarro Superman

Bizarro is a super-villian that appeared in DC Comic Books in the late 50′s. He was the antagonist to Superman, the all-powerful and great super-hero. Why am I even discussing villians and comic books? I want to provide you with an easy analogy to what is going on with your hormones. Just like Superman who is all-powerful, we have hormones that perform great biochemical actions for us. Hormo... Read More »

Don’t Shoot The Messenger (or should you?)

Don’t Shoot The Messenger (or should you?)

One of the main “problems” with actually being healthy is trying to figure out exactly what you need as an individual. Unfortunately, the mainstream, conventional healthcare system relies on generic advice to help get you to your health goals. This includes prescription medicine that is chemically structured as the same molecules to be taken by so many different individuals. Lipitor is... Read More »

The Anti-Hormone Program

READ ON for an important announcement! It seems to me that the latest trend in “health” that is beginning to take root is patients seeking bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. There are more and more doctors opening these clinics offering their patients this “natural” option. In fact, just today, I was emailed by a doctor here in Charleston notifying me about the open... Read More »

A Powerful Story About Cancer I Want You To Read Today

A Powerful Story About Cancer I Want You To Read Today

I want to introduce you to one of my patients, Mr. Robert Dodenhoff. I started seeing Mr. Dodenhoff a few months ago and his story about his personal experience with cancer is powerful and one that I asked him to write about for you to read. Please take some time and read over his story below–it is real, powerful and scary all mixed together. Thanks, Mr. Dodenhoff, for taking the time and en... Read More »

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