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2016 Weight Loss Ignition!

2016 Weight Loss Ignition!

Every year we all make New Year’s Resolutions and every year, the majority of us pick Weight Loss as one of our top resolutions.

Like all of you, I too, put that on my New Year’s Resolution list. We all want to lose some weight, right?

The two biggest obstacles to weight loss are the usual suspects: food and hormones.

Sure, it greatly, greatly helps your weight loss efforts to exercise consistently, but at the end of the day, the vast majority of us would have such an easier time losing weight if we knew what to eat for our bodies and getting our hormones working for us (not against us).

For this upcoming January, I am teaming with the ALCAT lab to offer you a wonderful Weight Loss special!

My 2016 Weight Loss Ignition Package includes the 200 Food Sensitivity ALCAT Test (normally priced at $600) along with 6 weeks of injectable HCG hormone (normally priced at $150) for the fee of $597.

This is a savings of $153!

The ALCAT blood test will tell you exactly what you need to eliminate from your diet and what foods to eat each day. This is the most comprehensive of all food sensitivity/allergy tests available.

Injectable HCG promotes fat loss by helping your fat cells collapse, allowing the fat to be eliminated.

I can tell you countless stories how BOTH of these methods have helped thousands of my patients lose weight. And keep it off.

This wonderful offer will stay in place for the entire month of January.

Please click HERE to go sign up!

To motivate you even further, the first 15 people who sign up will receive a free month supply of my FastVitaminIV Essentials packs, a daily multivitamin pack full of fat-soluble vitamins, CoQ10 and lots of Fatty Acids!

No matter what your goals are for 2016, I hope that you reach them all!

I look forward to a wonderful 2016 with you and please have a very safe and happy New Year’s!!

Dr. K

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