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A FastVitaminIV™ Celebration: Special Pricing

A FastVitaminIV™ Celebration: Special Pricing

As many of you know, I have created FastVitaminIV™, the only patent-pending, nutrient-dense IV formula that is administered in less than a minute.

My goal with FastVitaminIV was to reach as many patients as possible. This goal is now becoming a reality as many clinics across the country now purchase and supply their patients with my FastVitaminIV™ formulas.

We are treating patients from Arizona to Texas to NYC and Miami.

One of those clinics is the Ong Institute in Scottsdale, Arizona and on Monday, February 27th and Tuesday, February 28th, I am hosting Dr. Cheri Ong to come learn directly from me here in Charleston.

Dr. Ong has a thriving Plastic Surgery practice and is treating many celebrities. She is unique as she offers her patients a comprehensive, holistic approach to their health. As such, patients from all around the country travel to Scottsdale to work with Dr. Ong.

In addition to the multiple clinics who now supply FastVitaminIVs™ to their patients, we have NFL players using FastVitaminIVs™ and we fully expect that trend to increase!

To celebrate the success of FastVitamnIV™, I wanted to offer, you, my valued patients, a great celebratory reduced price of $97 (normally $150) per IV. I want to do so to thank you for being my patients and to celebrate Dr. Ong coming to Charleston.

Right now you can purchase just one IV at this cost or a package of them.

Please click here to make your purchase.

I would like to provide Dr. Ong with a big Southern welcome and ask that you redeem your FastVitaminIV™ on that Monday or Tuesday that she will be here. (once you purchase the IV, I will make appointment arrangements with you).

Thank you again for your trust and it is pleasure to work with you!

Dr. K

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