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Brain Rejuvenation: NAD IV Therapy Kick Off!

I wanted to thank you for your continued trust. I know you have many healthcare choices available to you and I very much appreciate you choosing to work with me.

One of my goals as your physician, is to constantly be aware of any and all emerging treatments that offer genuine ways to improve and optimize your health.

One of these treatments is called NAD Therapy. This unique therapy is being utilized by a few clinics across the country to help patients with brain rejuvenation, chemical/ substance dependance/abuse and promoting optimal brain health.

Due to my great success with my FastVitaminIVs™ (now treating NFL players plus many of you), I was highly interested in how the NAD Therapy worked (it is administered through an IV too).

Now, having completed the NAD IV therapy with a several patients, I wanted to announce that I am going to bring this unique therapy here to my office.

This is a unique IV in that it takes about 4 hours to administer and has to run in VERY slowly.

The protocol I use for Brain Rejuvenation is once a week for 4 weeks straight followed by a maintenance NAD IV monthly or bi-monthly.

Since there are only a few clinics in the United States that even offer this IV, I fully expect to be receiving patients from all over the South East.

Before this occurs and in conjunction with myriad of Black Friday Sales occurring, I wanted to offer you the opportunity to purchase the NAD IVs at a tremendous discount.

The normal cost for each individual NAD IV is $450 and I offer a discount package of 4 NAD IVs for $1600.

For a limited time…starting right now until Black Friday, you can purchase the NAD IV Package for $1400, a $200 savings off the regular package and a $600 savings off the regular cost.

Please click here to learn more and purchase:


 Enter the code NADIV at checkout to receive this discount.

I hope you will want to take advantage of this unique and amazing IV protocol!

To learn more, feel free to read through this:


In addition to the NAD IV Therapy, I am also going to bring back the many wonderful longer IVs I used to run in my old office in N. Charleston.

Some of these IVs include:

  •  Amino Acid IVs
  • NAD IV
  • High Dose Vitamin C IV
  • Immune Boost IV
  • Chelation IVs
  • Detox IVs
  • Hangover/ Substance Relief IV
  • Adrenal Fatigue IV

Please stay tuned for more information about these different IV therapies!

I look forward to talking with you soon and always appreciate your trust and confidence.

Thank you,

Dr. K


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