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Mold causing weight gain?

As strange as this may sound, the answer is yes. Mold is representative of any chronic inflammatory source. And it turns out when you dig deeper, many chronic inflammatory sources are due to infectious (foreign) etiologies.



You see we are exposed to so much “stuff” all the time. From mold to fungus to yeast to parasites to bacteria to viruses.  The good news is that we have a vibrant and robust immune system patrolling our blood searching for anything foreign.

The bad news is the we have a vibrant immune system patrolling our blood stream…..

Yes, it seems that many times it is our immune system itself that throws us down the inflammatory pathway.

It starts slowly. By eating the wrong foods for our bodies, we trick our immune system into thinking there is a foreign invader attacking. And then the chaos slowly builds. This is usually not dramatic.

And then at some point we are exposed to too much.  Too much for our immune system to keep up with. We then start expressing inflammatory cytokines all the time and this overwhelms the best of us.

You are familiar with the cytokines–whenever you get an insect bite, you get immediate redness and swelling and itching. This is your cytokines at work. They are angry and vicious and you know it.

These same types of reactions occur when our immune system gets overwhelmed, but on a more gradual scale. No redness, no swelling, not itching. This time it is fatigue and headache and muscle ache and weight gain. Yes weight gain.

One of the detrimental effects of the inflammatory cytokine cascade is the mismanagement of the fat cell hormone leptin. And once leptin is disturbed, you will no longer be able to lose weight. It becomes nearly impossible. Leptin feeds back to our brain and if this circuit is disturbed, watch out.

Leptin feedback

Leptin feedback

This is complicated physiology and biochemistry. But certainly worth understanding.

I will fill you in a little at a time so as not to overwhelm!

For those of you interested in more in-depth reading, please check out: Mold Warriors by Dr. Shoemaker.

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