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Teeth, Nails, Skin and Hair

Last night my son’s first tooth fell out–yea!! That got me thinking this morning about the contrast with how children and adults view health and their world around them. Children are so excited to lose a tooth and in contrast, adults hate it to lose some hair! So here are a few quick tips for giving your hair, nails, skin and teeth the best nutrients:

  • Biotin: a B-vitamin, Biotin is very safe and is what most people turn to for brittle nails and thinning hair. It seems that you really have to take a lot of Biotin, 2000-5000mcg, daily, if not more. Biotin is generally well-tolerated with few side effects.
  • Oils: this includes Coconut, Evening Primrose, Borage, Olive oil….all of which are fantastic for your hair and skin, in particular. The coconut oil provides saturated fat while the Evening Primrose and Borage oil provide GLA (Gamma Linoleic Acid). For any skin, nail, hair, teeth issue, add more oils–the more the better. You can cook with Coconut oil, eat it raw and use it directly on your skin and hair.
  • Vitamin K: in particular Vitamin K2. This vitamin is one of the fat soluble vitamins, but the one people most easily forget about. Vitamin K2 is great for bone metabolism–helping to strengthen bones–but also is good for all solid structures (tendons, ligaments, hair, nails, teeth). Try 45mcg or more daily.

Yes, it can be frustrating and difficult when your hair is thinning or your nails are becoming more brittle. But, by incorporating Biotin, different oils and Vitamin K, you can go a long way to ensuring you are giving yourself what you need.

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  1. Carole Wayne King
    July 8, 2010, 12:38 pm   /  Reply

    regarding vitamin K — what if I have blood that already congeals thickly and quickly? I’ve been told I had large blood cells. Just not many of them

  2. monica wilson
    July 9, 2010, 9:22 pm   /  Reply

    Thanks!I’m one who hates to lose hair esp. when you see shiny scalp.I’ve been told that hair never come back. True or false?

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