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Thanks for ALL of your questions!

I have received a plethora of questions after posting about the NAD IV Therapy.

1) First, most people have never heard of NAD Therapy. This is not surprising as the mainstream medicine likes to suppress natural therapies that work well. NAD is a derivative of a B-vitamin and has been studied for decades. The most wide use of NAD Therapy is for chemical dependance. There are a handful of clinics in the US that use NAD Therapy to help people rewire their brain to get off addictive drugs and alcohol.

Stemming from these patients were great discoveries about the rejuvenating effects of the NAD to the brain. So now patients with all types of mood disorders, neurological disorders and executive low functioning can benefit from the NAD IV Therapy.

2) Next, questions came in asking if there were research studies showing the effectiveness of the NAD IV Therapy:

Unfortunately, no. While the biochemical use of vitamins and nutrients to help with brain pathology has been researched, there have never been any double-blind placebo controlled studies to date. Again, this is not surprising given that pharmaceutical companies would rather be able to brand a new medicine than actually figure out natural things that can be effective.

I have attached links to a few research articles for you to read and learn more about NAD:

NAD Article #1

NAD Article #2

3) Questions came in asking me WHO should use NAD Therapy?

There are many types of scenarios to consider for NAD Therapy:

  • chemical imbalance/ addictions
  • mood disorders: depression/anxiety, PTSD
  • neurological degeneration: dementia, parkinsons
  • attention deficit disorders
  • nutrition deficits
  • athletic performance enhancement
  • executive functioning enhancement
  • many more

4) Why does the NAD IV Therapy take so long (4+ hours) to administer

Intravenous NAD has to be given slowly as it causes a flushing and some muscle cramping. We have a protocol we utilize so that these effects are greatly mitigated. The very best way to avoid any of these feelings is to give the NAD SLOWLY.

5) Does one need to receive all four of the recommended NAD IV Therapies?

While taking one or two treatments can be beneficial, the clinical protocol of receiving one NAD IV weekly for four weeks straight is what has been utilized at the handful of clinics across the country that administer this IV.

Please let me know what other questions you have!

Since I am one of only a handful of places in the United States to offer this therapy, I hope you take advantage of trying NAD Therapy.

Here is the link to the special Black Friday NAD IV Therapy special:


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To your health and well-being,

Dr. K

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