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1.) What is Organic Medicine?

Organic Medicine is a positive, natural and holistic approach to health and well-being. We focus on becoming well and optimizing our health through the use of natural nutritional supplements, good food choices, proper exercise regimens and positive thinking. We strive to get to the root cause of any medical and health concern and reserve prescription medicine for when it is absolutely necessary.

2.) Do you accept health insurance plans?

No, Dr. Koniver does not accept or file any health insurance at all. Dr. Koniver chooses to focus solely on patient relationships and his patient’s well-being and not on the gigantic administrative and time constraints of the current healthcare system.

As such, the current new visit fee is $350 and Dr. Koniver offers annual service plans and pay-as-you-go options for patients.

3.) How is Dr. Koniver different than other doctors in the Charleston/ Summerville area?

Dr. Koniver truly seeks to educate his patients about the wonders of natural health and well-being. He is committed to finding the root cause for any type of problem and does not hand out precsription medicine to cover up symptoms. Dr. Koniver seeks to help patients find their optimal health and well-being through the use of nutritional supplements, proper food choices, structured exercise regimens and thinking positive thoughts.

Dr. Koniver is the only physician in the area to specialize in Organic Medicine, a term he created. As such, Dr. Koniver sees both children and adults who are looking for natural ways and means to navigate their individual health and well-being.

Dr. Koniver enjoys working with patients and establishing relationships with patients. Dr. Koniver does not wish to see as many patients as possible, but rather enjoys taking his time with each patient.

4.) What should I expect at my first visit with Dr. Koniver?

Each new appointment with Dr. Koniver lasts approximately 60 minutes. During that time, Dr. Koniver will talk with you and get to know what is going on with you and your life. If lab testing is something that you pursue, Dr. Koniver will provide all of the details about each lab test including cost and time frame to get results.

Dr. Koniver will provide you with specific information for you to start improving your health immediately after the visit.

5.) Do I need to be fasting to have blood drawn?

You need to fast (not eat any food, but okay to drink water) after midnight for any cholesterol/ lipid panel and/ or fasting blood glucose/ sugar test.None of the other tests Dr. Koniver orders require you to be fasting.

6.) How long does it take to get test results?

That depends on each test. Most often, Dr. Koniver likes to go over your test results with you personally so a follow up appointment is usually made after your visit so that you can go over your results with Dr. Koniver.

Sometimes Dr. Koniver will not make a follow up appointment but will notify you by mail or by telephone with your results. This generally applies to any Annual Physical Blood work and sometimes to follow up blood work. It will then take up to a week to be notified of your lab results. Do not call the office if it has been less than a week. And be on the lookout in your mailbox as many times routine blood work is mailed to you with a personal note from Dr. Koniver.

7.) Will Dr. Koniver write/ refill prescription medicines for me?

Yes, Dr. Koniver does write prescription medicines. Due to the problems associated with both calling in and faxing prescription medicines in to pharmacies, Dr. Koniver will give you enough refills until he wants to see you again. For example, if you take blood pressure medicine, Dr. Koniver will write for usually 6-11 refills so that you can have your blood pressure medicine refilled for that period of time. But once you hit the last refill, you will need to schedule an appointment to see Dr. Koniver.

Dr. Koniver is very interested in your health and he does not take writing prescriptions lightly–by this he likes to spend time at different intervals evaluating how well the medicine is working for you and if there are other options to manage each condition.

8.) What should I do if I am feeling sick and need to be seen?

Please email Dr. Koniver as this is his preferred mode of communication:


Dr. Koniver will promptly respond to your email.

9.) I am from out of town and would like to see Dr. Koniver–does he see out of town patients and how does that work?

Yes, Dr. Koniver has patients from many different parts of the United States. Some choose to come down and meet with Dr. Koniver in person and some meet with Dr. Koniver through phone and email. We will soon have an “Out of Town Patient” guide up on the website. For now, if you are from out of town and would like information, please email Dr. Koniver a brief story of what is going on, what you would like to accomplish to:

drk@organicmedicinenow.com and Dr. Koniver will get back to you within 3 business days.

10.) How long does it take to get a new patient appointment?

Since Dr. Koniver’s advice is highly sought after, the patient schedule tends to fill up quickly. As a result, new patient appointments are generally scheduling 2-3 weeks out. Dr. Koniver understands that there are a lot of patients with pressing issues, but since he likes to spend so much time with patients, he limits the number of new patients that he sees in one day to four per day.

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