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IV Therapy

Intravenous nutrition is the best way to achieve optimal nutrient status. By having vitamins, nutrients, and amino acids given through the IV, we bypass the digestive system and essentially flood our cells with these vital natural nutrients. Many of our IV protocols are given through a “push” protocol which means they only take 5-10 minutes. There is no more direct way to achieving the proper balance of nutrient status.

Dr. Koniver has extensive experience with Nutritional IVs! Please ask Dr. Koniver which IV protocol is best for you.



Meyers Cocktail:
A blend of Vitamins B and C, and minerals such as Calcium and Magnesium
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Migraine
  • Asthma
  • fibromylagia
  • depression
  • allergies viral illness
Antiviral IV:
Contains a blend of Vitamins & Minerals including Selenium to help fight viral infections
  • viral infections of all kinds
Phosphatidylcholine Lipid Exchange:
Aggressive Liver Detox that aids in toxin removal
  • liver support
  • weight loss
  • neurological disorders ( parkinson’s, MS, alzheimer’s dementia)
  • high cholesterol, acute detox
Calcium EDTA Chelation
  • Heavy Metal Removal & overall detoxification
Gluthaione Push
  • Detoxification, liver cleansing & tonification, neurological disorders
Anti-hypertension IV:
Contains Arginine and vitamins to help lower blood pressure
  • Hypertension and Elevated Blood Pressure
Acute headache Infusion:
A blend of Magnesium and B-vitamins give over 2-3 minutes to quickly stop headache pain
  • Migrains, Tension, Cluster Headaches
Acute Asthma Infusion:
A combination of high dose Magnesium, minerals & vitamins to help stop an asthma flare
  • An alternatives to Steroids


Mesotherapy: a non-surgical method of targeting areas of fat and cellulite build-up. Mesotherapy involves the use of several different medicines, vitamins, amino acids that are injected under the skin to help reduce localized fat as well as tighten skin to reduce cellulite. Dr. Koniver uses several injectables including Phospatidylcholine, Aminophylline, vitamins and amino acids over several treatment sessions.