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Medical Expert Witness

Dr. Koniver is an experienced  Medical Expert Witness and performs comprehensive review of medical records for both the plaintiff and defense in civil matters. He analyzes duty, breach of duty, causation, and harm. He also reviews issues of causation in criminal cases with respect to injuries sustained. It is Dr. Koniver’s objective to give a prompt, cost-effective, complete, and impartial analysis of your case. During his initial review, he will give you prompt notice regarding the direction of your case to save your client time and money. At your request, he will draft a report with his opinion of your case. He provides full strategic planning throughout all phases of litigation. He is available for deposition and trial testimony.

Dr. Koniver’s natural and alternative medicine background and experience enables him to focus on the myriad of the relevant issues that will surface during medical cases. His experience and background in the natural and alternative medicine fields sets him apart from his medical colleagues. He is able to communicate with and understand attorneys as they present their clients’ cases, and at the same time, convey technical information in a simple manner that can be understood by the layperson.


  • Medical Record Review
  • Plaintiff and Defense
  • Full Strategic Planning
  • Expert Reports
  • Criminal Cases: Injury and Death Causation
  • Deposition and Trial Testimony


Dr. Koniver provides free initial phone consultations. Thereafter, he charges a standard fee for all cases. His rates are competitive and rank just below the national average for experts in his field of medicine. He requires a retainer prior to begin working on any case, the balance of which is refundable. To learn more about his fee schedule, please contact him by phone at 843-767-7650, or e-mail at drk@organicmedicinenow.com.

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