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Do you know anyone over the age of 35 who does NOT take a prescription medicine? In our attempts to speed up and convenience our lives, we have become distanced from the very grounding and centering of natural living.

And while we certainly don’t want to go back to living in ancient times, I think most of us (doctors included) now sense that the fast-paced, sped-up worlds we live in with all of our conveniences is not working.

It is NOT nearly enough to just view health as taking prescription medicine. You understand this as you truly want to feel your best and just relying on pharmaceuticals to define your health is not the best plan.

The mainstream, conventional medical world that dominates the health landscape is leaving far too many of us, including you, feeling divided, uneasy and less than optimally well.

But, in order to truly find that health and well-being, we do need to break free from this current healthcare system to find the positive and natural solutions we know exist.

Organic Medicine is my way of bringing you just that. So whether you are tired, overweight, have pain or just want to think more clearly, you will benefit from incorporating the Organic Medicine mindset to your life.

Yes, we can enjoy the benefits of technology and living the modern life, but we don’t need to do it at the expense of of our health and well-being.

Please join me in our pursuit of the greater health, the real health that exists in all of us. There is no better time than right now!


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  1. Lyn Wilson
    June 8, 2017, 12:11 pm   /  Reply

    Dr. Coniver -
    I am interested in the EDTA chelation IV therapy. Can you give me an idea about the schedule and costs involved?

    Lyn Wilson

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